Effective Treatment to Stop TMJ Pain

Restore Proper Functioning of the Jaw

If your bite is off and you experience pain in the jaw, you may have a TMJ disorder (TMD). Problems with the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) can cause significant pain around the jaw and neck because of excess pressure on certain parts of the jaw. When your bite is misaligned because of a teeth grinding habit or you have a damaged jaw joint, you may find it difficult to do simple things like chew food or open your mouth wide. Dr. J. Steven Smith and Dr. Jennifer Smith Ellis offer TMJ treatment options that can restore proper functioning of the jaw.

Living with TMJ Symptoms

We understand how painful it can be to live with a TMJ disorder. Many patients with this condition find it difficult to get through a single day without some discomfort, tightness, or soreness in the jaw, neck, and shoulders. When it becomes extremely painful to chew food, yawn, or stretch the jaw muscles, it may be time to see a professional.

The goal of TMJ treatment is to make sure the muscles, joints, and teeth are working together harmoniously. When this happens, there is no pain or unnecessary damage to the teeth and jaw bone.

You can finally stop living with TMJ pain and enjoy a better quality of life with our TMJ treatment plan.


We offer a range of treatment options for patients suffering from TMD. In many cases, the best course of action is to restore a misaligned bite. We can perform a bite adjustment (occlusal adjustment) to make sure the teeth come together evenly. Dr. Smith uses Tekscan technology to perform an occlusal adjustment accurately.

Some patients may benefit from wearing a night guard to break a teeth grinding habit (bruxism). Many people with bruxism end up with TMD because the bite is off and there is uneven pressure on the jaw. We can correct that more readily when a teeth grinding habit is broken.

Stop suffering from TMJ pain! Let us restore your jaw health with a customized treatment plan. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Smith today.

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