Foundations for a Beautiful Smile: Crowns and Bridges

Consider All the Options

We do everything we can to build a healthy foundation for your teeth but there will be instances where your teeth are compromised. If you have decayed teeth that require a filling as a restoration or missing teeth that require replacement, come to us for crowns and bridge work.

Dr. J. Steven Smith and Dr. Jennifer Smith Ellis perform a variety of tooth restoration procedures at our practice and are here to restore your smile with a custom crown or bridge. These procedures can improve your quality of life and keep you smiling with confidence for years to come.


A dental crown is a porcelain cap that sits over the top of the tooth. It is bonded securely in place to cover up any damage, such as cracks, gaps, spaces, and other flaws. If you are getting a filling for a cavity, we may need to top the tooth with a dental crown to restore its shape and size. Dental crowns are designed to look and feel very natural and you will be left with a much stronger tooth.


  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Designed to look like your natural teeth
  • Custom made for each patient
  • Can be used for bridge work
  • Part of dental restoration procedure


A missing tooth can leave a large space or gap between two health teeth which increases the risk of these teeth drifting into the space. If you do not like the appearance of a gap between your teeth or we think you may experience bite problems because of the large space, we can close the gap with a bridge. This involves placing two crowns and a fabricated tooth across the space to create a ‘bridge’. Everything is secured in place permanently and we will perform a bite adjustment if needed.

Crown & Bridges Before & Afters


  • Balances out the bite
  • Restores an even smile
  • No surgery required
  • Complete with natural-looking crowns
  • No adhesives or wires involved
  • Can close larger spaces
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